Dog biscuits aren’t really an integral part of a dog’s diet. But they can serve as delicious treats or rewards whenever you’re training your dog. They’re originally sold as hard, bone-shaped and meat-flavored biscuits. However, you can just as easily make these at home. What more you can customize your dog biscuits to perform certain tasks like flea-prevention or breath freshening as well.  Here are five great recipes you can use to create some simple yet delicious dog biscuits for your pet.
1. Three-ingredient chicken dog biscuits
To make these convenient dog biscuits you’ll need around a one and ¼ cups of flour as long as it’s not white flour, three tablespoons of oil and 1/3 cup of chicken broth.

After you’ve gathered all these ingredients proceed to mix them all in a bowl, knead the resulting mixture and cut them in your desired shapes with cookie cutters. This recipe will yield a dozen medium sized biscuits. Bake them for around 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Cheddar dog biscuits
Here we have another tasty dog biscuit recipe this time featuring some cheddar cheese. The following are the ingredients called for by this recipe: (a) one bouillon cube of any meat flavor, (b) half a cup of hot water, (c) an egg, (d) one and ¼ cups of non-white flour and finally (e) a third of a cup of shredded cheddar cheese.

Start by dissolving the bouillon cube in hot water and mixing in the rest of the ingredients. You’ll end with a dough-like mixture which you’ll have to knead before forming into small balls. You can then cut these into more interesting designs with cookie cutters before baking them in a preheated oven for around 20 minutes max.

3. Turmeric dog biscuits
If you’re dog’s health is one of your priorities in the moment, try out making these turmeric-flavored dog biscuits which have anti-cancer and anti-inflammation properties.

The following are the ingredients asked for by this recipe: (a) a cup of nonwhite flour, (b) a cup of rice flour, (c) three tablespoons of ground turmeric, (d) a tablespoon of ground flax seed, (e) some peanut butter and (f) a quarter cup of water.

Similar to previous recipes, mix in all of the ingredients together in a bowl, roll them out into balls, cut them with cookie cutters and then bake them in a preheated oven but this time leave the biscuits in for 25 minutes.

These turmeric dog biscuits can last up to two weeks as long as kept in a dry and closed container.

4. Flea-prevention dog biscuits
One of the most common hygiene issues with outdoor dogs are flea or tick infestations. But luckily, you can keep your dog from getting fleas with this simple flea-prevention dog biscuits.
Just combine more than one cup of coconut oil, half a cup of brewer’s yeast together in a blender until you get a smooth mixture. Mold them in your choice of pan. We recommend getting some small paw print silicone pans to customize these dog biscuits for your dog. Lastly, chill the mixture in the fridge until hardened. These flea-prevention dog biscuits can last up to six months when kept in a freezer.

There we have it, four delicious and useful dog biscuit treats that you can make for your dogs at home. Forego, commercial dog biscuits for these healthier and customizable alternatives.