Dogs are naturally playful creatures and will need to constantly busy themselves with playing or exploring. Toys can be great aids in keeping your dog entertained even when no one else is around to play with them. Some even believe that giving your dog toys can prevent it from developing behavioral problems.
There are many types of dog toys available for you to choose from. So, when looking for a suitable toy for your pooch remember to consider your dog’s age and activities first. But whatever your dog’s preferences are, there will surely be a toy out there that will fit him or her.

Certain toy types fit certain dog’s needs better. Here is a list of dog toy types and their corresponding uses and perks.

Balls are a classic option to keep your dog active through playtime. They can also be used to teach your dog some new tricks. You don’t even need to go to specialty stores to buy balls for your dogs. You can give your dogs tennis balls, squeaker balls and foam balls among others. Just make sure to match the ball size to your dog’s mouth so as to prevent possible injuries or choking accidents.

Tug toys
Tug toys are toys made from plush or linen which are quite literally used to play tug with your dog. Dogs naturally enjoy playing this game and can be a means of stress relief from them. Just be careful as some dogs can become aggressive when ‘playing’ tug. Excessive and aggressive tugging on either part can also result in injury on your dog’s neck or jaw so always practice caution.

Giving teething puppies chew toys can help control their biting urges as they are growing a new set of teeth. Having a designated toy for chewing will also prevent your dog from turning your house furniture or shoes into improvised chew toys. When buying your chew toys, pick ones that made from rubber as they usually sturdy and will not easily fall apart. Keep your eye on chew toys though as your dog might ingest the material when it gets too worn out.

Chewable treats are a safer and somewhat healthy alternative. You can buy a variety of edible chew toys for your dog with some even offering breath-freshening effects which are always welcome as dogs tend to hate having their teeth brushed. Just be careful with overfeeding your dog as it can easily happen with chewables.
Plushies are a favorite among dogs but can be unsafe in the long run as these toys are usually made from material that can easily be ripped apart. However, you can still use plushies as ‘pillows’ for your dogs to sleep on at night.

Distraction toys
Another popular toys among dogs and their owners are distraction toys. They can come in the form of automatic dog treat feeders triggered certain movements. They are perfect for solo home dogs who are left on their own during the day when their pet parents are at work. These toys can keep your dog entertained and well-fed for hours and will keep them out of trouble until you get home.

Toys are an important part of a dog’s life. Toys keep them entertained and happy when they have no one else to play with. They come in different sizes and types but you can surely find one or two that will be perfect for your dog.