Dogs are simple creatures. They’re relatively easy to please and entertain. And depending on the breed, some doesn’t even need much grooming. But despite these, you should still have some basic tools in order to properly care for your dog and ensure their well-being.
Here are seven dog accessories every pet parent must have.

1. Food and water bowls
If you have more than one dog, you should provide each with their own personal separate food and water bowls. These bowls come in a variety of materials each with its own perks. If you’re after durability, go for plastic bowls. But you should avoid plastic if your dog likes chewing on things as it may accidentally eat the plastic. If that’s the case, go for the ceramic bowl option. They’re heavy, sturdy and stable. Just make sure to regularly wash them to keep bacteria at bay. But the best choice for pet bowls will be stainless steel bowls.  They’re as durable as ceramic bowls but are easier to clean and sanitize.

2. Dog bed
It doesn’t have to be fancy. The important thing is that your dog has a comfortable place to rest on when it is inside the house. You can fashion old pillows into dog beds or invest in dog couches and even small memory-foam mattresses for your dog. Just be sure to choose one that’s easy to wash and maintain. Position the bed in a warm and quiet place in your house probably a corner in the living room or inside your bedroom.

3. Grooming supplies
Grooming is an important part in taking care of your dog. Make sure that you have basic grooming tools before purchasing or adopting a dog. Depending on your dog’s coat and hair fall, they will need regular combing, primarily, and washing or bathing as needed. Dogs should also get their nails regularly trimmed, their ears cleaned and their teeth brushed. These may seem like a lot to take on but it’s part of raising and caring for dogs. To do these tasks, a dog owner will need the following grooming supplies: a soft-bristled brush for combing and brushing hair and dead skin, a pair of nail clippers for nail trimming, a shampoo and/or conditioner formula that fits your dog’s hair condition, a toothbrush and dog toothpaste (some people use toothpaste for children for dogs) and towels for drying after every bath. If your dog has long hair, you can also buy him or her their own blow dryer.

4. Dog leash
You’ll need a dog leash if you want to be able to walk your dog around outside.

5. Dog collar
Buy your dog a leather collar with an adjustable buckle and a place for identification tags in case he goes missing. Choose a collar that’s sturdy and hard to break. Avoid buying nylon collars with plastic buckles as they tend to hurt dogs’ necks.
6. Poop bags
Be considerate to your neighbors and other park-goers b cleaning up after your dog. Always carry some plastic poop bags when you go out.

7. Toys
Giving your dog toys is important as they can keep them entertained and help them get exercise as well. Having designated toys will also prevent your dog from scratching or using your furniture as toys. There are many different types of toys. Choosing one will depend greatly on your dog’s personality.

You don’t have to spoil your dog in order to take care of them. All you will need are these seven dog accessories to keep them happy, content and well-groomed.