As a pet parent, you’ll find yourself wanting to spoil your dog and give them things which aren’t necessarily in the basic needs category. You’ll also have moments when you realize how hard caring for a dog really is. Hit two birds with one stone (or six) with these awesome dog supplies which will surely make life easier for you as a dog parent while spoiling your dog as well.
1. Doggie treadmill
If you have a dog which requires plenty of regular exercise, then doggie treadmill will surely be a great addition to you and your dog’s lives. Keep your dog active even in the winter or when you aren’t up to giving your dog a long walk outside. This doggie treadmill can surely keep your dog entertained and active for hours while you rest. Just be informed that this will be a big investment as doggie treadmills don’t come cheap with some retailing for over a thousand dollars.

2. Dog GPS tracker
If your dog lives unchained in your backyard then it might be a good idea to attach a GPS clip tracker onto your dog’s collar. This is a good way of monitoring your dog’s movements. It could also be a safeguard for when your dog accidentally or purposely wanders too far away from home. No more worrying when your suddenly disappears for an afternoon.

A GPS tracker will also be useful if you like taking your dog with you on long hikes in the wilderness.

3. Pet first aid kit
Accidents happen all the time especially with hyperactive dogs. Make sure you’re always prepared by investing in a pet first aid kit. You can buy these online or in your local pet shop. Stock your kit with ointments, bandages and antihistamines.

4. Dog paw wax
Paw waxes are perfect for outdoor dogs who don’t like wearing protective gears like booties. Just swipe the product onto your dog’s paws before taking them out and you can rest assured that they won’t be harmed by sharp objects littering the ground. This paw wax can also serve as protection from hot pavements, ice and sand. A simple swap of paw wax may be the only thing separating your dog from a nasty infection.

5. Fitness tracker
Get fit together with your pet with a fitness tracker specifically designed for dogs. A fitness tracker for your pet can be a useful tool especially when you’re monitoring your dog’s physical activities. With this product you can easily set weekly exercise goals for your pet and make sure that they are getting the proper amount of physical activity. You can buy pet fitness trackers online for about a hundred dollars.
6. Pet carrier
Some people treat their dogs like their own children you can do so as well. Just buy a pet carrier, which greatly resembles baby carriers, and proudly carry your dog around when you go for walks. This carrier is perfect for puppies or smaller dogs. It could also work well for dogs with injuries which cause them to be temporarily unable to walk. With the pet carrier you can cuddle and carry your dog at the same time.

Being a dog parent can be tiring but it can also be fun. Treat your dog and make your life a bit easier by getting your dog some (or all) of the awesome and useful dog supplies mentioned above.