You’ve probably seen them in dog food commercials or your neighborhood park. They’re literally everywhere. Most likely because they are two of the most popular dog breeds in America according to the American Kennel Club. What more the Labrador retriever came out as the most popular dog breed for the 26th consecutive year. Meanwhile, the golden retriever came out third.
Popular for their trainability and happy dispositions, the golden and Labrador retrievers are the choice pet for many American families. They are also popular as disability assistance dogs.

Here are more reasons why the golden and Labrador retrievers make the best pets.

They’ll help pet owners and their family stay active.
Retriever breed dogs were originally used by hunters to retrieve their game, hence the name. Golden and Labrador retrievers are no stranger to physical activity and exercise. They’ll need a good amount of movement daily to keep healthy which means that their owners must be prepared to walk them or play with them outside. For example, golden retrievers need at least an hour of walking a day. Retrievers are also one of the best pet choices for families with active children as these dog breeds can double as companions and playmates for the kids.

They are affectionate and loyal.
Another reason why retrievers make the best pets is due to their eagerness to please their owners. They are also very loyal pets to boot. Although golden retrievers and labs are friendly to most people, they develop a special kind of loyalty to their owners and can be protective towards them. You’ve probably heard of stories where retrievers save their owners from burning houses or defend them from possible intruders. Well, that’s retriever love and loyalty for you.

They are easy to train.
Golden retrievers are one of the top five smartest dogs in the world making them capable of learning a wide variety of commands and tricks. Similarly, Labrador retrievers have a knack for following human cues with ease and enthusiasm. If given proper obedience training and attention, these two retriever dog breeds can follow simple commands like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to doing more complicated tasks.

It is no coincidence that Labrador retrievers are used by the United States’ customs and border protection as contraband detectors against both illegal plant and animal products.

They are great family dogs.
Golden and Labrador retrievers, given the proper socialization, can get along well with small children. Labradors love being part of a group and will definitely thrive as a member of its owner’s family. Not to mention, they are also famous for getting along well with other family pets as long as they’re introduced properly to them as puppies. Meanwhile, golden retrievers, despite being big dogs, are known for their gentle disposition. One can be confident of leaving golden retrievers alone with children.
There are many families who have retriever dogs which have grown up together with the children without much problem. The key to cohabitation is to gradually socialize them into the family. As said earlier, labs and golden retrievers can grow to be very loyal and affectionate to their owner families.

If you’re looking for a pet to welcome to your family, look no further. These two popular dog breeds are popular for good reason. Originally bred as hunting companions, golden and Labrador retrievers have successfully transitioned as the perfect family dogs. The two breeds prove to be easily trainable, affectionate and loyal towards their owners, qualities that make for the perfect pet.